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Technology. For Self-Reliance.

We aim at Technological Convergence of different systems evolving towards similar goals.

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Benefits of Technology

Why do you need Technology to drive your Business?


Sophisticated Administration

When technology collects and processes the information for you, your human resources have more time to focus on non-monotonous tasks that require little judgement, thus leading to developing a better and more sophisticated workforce.

Better Customer Interaction

Mobile Communications Devices and Internet Websites are greatly used by more customers to find information and purchase products. You can offer customers new ways to purchase products and help customers to get instant support for product returns and shipping issues by getting involved in the advances in technology. For example, advances in technology allow you to have an e-commerce website where customers can purchase products from their computers. An e-commerce website allows you to put applications on mobile devices that allow your customers to track orders and buy products when they are not near a computer.

High Productivity

Advances in technology allow your staff to focus on their jobs without having to track several activities at the same time and improves overall productivity.

Saving some money while engaging in some Field Work

Transmitting documents over the Internet as opposed to sending packets of information via an overnight courier can save you money on printing and shipping costs as well as getting important information to clients fast. For example, engaging workers at construction site, outside sales representatives, etc.

Remember, your competitors will always want to be ahead with the aid of TECHNOLOGY. We have Higher Technology.

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“They're in front of every office worker 9 hours a day, and miniaturized versions are always in our pockets: Computers and the microelectronics inside them are an inescapable part of modern life. With some of the world's speediest supercomputers and novel cooling systems that double energy efficiency, get the inside scoop on a new kind of memory device that could hold the key to unlocking truly intelligent artificial life. And get a glimpse of two new processors that challenge the dominant architectures, and offer nearly unmatched performance.”

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What Johnny Group technology can do for you

Increased business productivity can be traced to the automation of processes allowing for faster communication of strategy, increased time spent on strategic priorities and greater project completion rates.

Managing your business operations is becoming more complex and as a result, many organisations are struggling to focus on their core business functions. Johnny Group Technology can address everything technology related, including supporting your employees; maintaining your equipment; choosing and implementing the right technology solutions; and helping drive the strategic technology direction of your business.

From Telemedicine, to Financing, to Office Automation, to Education; Johnny Group Technology has become invaluable to these areas.

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The Technology Trends That Matter to Sales Teams [by Andris A. Zoltners, PK Sinha, and Sally E. Lorimer]

“Interestingly, the use of technology to improve sales processes is not new. The first "travelling salesmen" used the railroad and then the automobile to broaden their geographic reach. Subsequent generations of salespeople have embraced innovations such as telephones, computers, and cell phones to build stronger customer connections. As today's technology trends continue to have an impact, and as new trends emerge, sales forces must constantly and creatively adopt and adapt new TECHNOLOGIES to improve sales processes and better serve customers.”
- May 2015
Harvard Business Review

Optimising Business with Technology

The main focus of companies with mission beyond borders is to stay globally competitive by leveraging the capabilities of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Companies can use ICT to provide products & services of the highest quality at affordable prices and top-rated customer service, and help the companies to enter new markets through e-commerce, for example. Globalization, Collaboration, and Integration have become the new drivers in this competitive arena.

We can help you identify areas where your Business needs Optimization with Technology. Thereafter, you can embark on implementing Technology in the identified areas, thus making your business to grow more, simplify processes, and earn more money for yourself.

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Johnny Group New Factors of Production

  • Information transformed from Land
  • Information transformed from Labour
  • Information transformed from Capital
  • Information transformed from Human Resource

Today's expansive knowledge (INFORMATION) has allowed any factor of business to be revolutionary.

At Johnny Group, We’ve built an easy tool to help you diversify these new factors.